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In our years of experience we have worked with many clients who have trusted us to carry out their projects, offering specialized assistance in golf.

Progress Report/Management of Alicante Golf

Consultancy work identifying the asset´s status from the profitability point of view. 5 years´ Business Plan, technical report of the state of the golf course and future road map.

Business Plan and Management of Alicante Golf

Making Golf carries the management of the asset (from 2015-2019) with the objective of adding value and re-valuing it from the technical, social and management point of view.

Progress Report/Management of Alhama Golf

Consultancy work to identify the asset´s economic viability derived from the previous Polaris. Assessment of the competition and 5 years Business Plan.

Progress Report/Management de La Torre Golf

Consultancy work to identify the asset´s economic viability following the closure of the adjacent hotel and the sale of Polaris. Assessment of the competition and 5 years Business Plan.

Legal and technical reports of Foressos Golf (Valencia) and advisory services in the sales process

Against a sales option of the asset, Making Golf advises the property and facilitates the sale of the golf course to a third party offering a judicial and technical report that allows to define a price, set a value to the operation and reach an agreement with the buying party.

Metrovacesa Business Plan and Asset´s Viability Report

Feasibility report, risk analysis and Business Plan of Aguilón (Pulpí, Almería) and Aldeamayor (Valladolid) golf courses, both properties of Metrovacesa.

Report of Exploitation and Strategic Plan for Empordà Golf

Phase I: Operations processes manual for the exploitation of Empordá Golf, diagnosis and proposal. Phase II: Strategic Plan, Business and Action Plan for the next 5 years.

Feasibility plan-Club de Golf El Puerto (Cádiz)

La Sareb, owner of the asset, hired Making Golf to elaborate a consultancy project to determine whether or not to reopen the golf course, closed since 2012. The report included the investments to be undertaken, the mid-term business plan and its administrative feasibility and profitability.

Consultancy work related to playability in CCVM

Due to the entry of new members and players in the Club, the CCVM hired us to provide a response of how to manage playability and settle concerns at the club especially during weekends.

Feasibility Plan-El Cortijo Club de Golf (Las Palmas)

Club Feasibility Plan, that finds itself in a pre-arrangement with creditors and requires the design of a mid-term viable, strategic, financial and business plan to reach an agreement with main creditor Caixa Bank and avoid tendering.

Business Plan and Feasibility Report of Las Rejas Golf (Madrid)

Feasibility report, risk analysis and 5 years Business Plan for Las Rejas (Majadahonda, Madrid) against a potential acquisition from behalf of Forus and presenting a detailed investment plan.

Sponsorship and Marketing Plan- Open de España de Golf

Marketing Plan and sponsorship management of Spanish Golf Open.

Promotion, Exploitation and Implementation- Reale Challenge de España

Promoters of Reale Challenge de España 2010 in Club de Golf Retamares (European Tour Challenge Tournament). Marketing and Comms plans, event staging and overall running.

Feasibility Study of a Public Golf Course in Oñati (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country)

Feasibility Study, location identification and analysis of the social repercussion of promoting a 9 holes golf course in Oñati.

Valle Romano Marketing Plan

Development of the Valle Romano Marketing Plan. Objectives: maximize sales and visibility. Design of strategic plan, all comms pieces and business vision for the new proprietor La Kutxa Bank.

Golf Sant Pere del Bosc Business Plan (Lloret de Mar, Girona)

Development of the Business Plan for the future golf course to be established in the town of Lloret de Mar. The work focuses on analysing the viability of the future course, its financing plan and establishing the most efficient business model based on a 10-year operating account.

Feasibility Study and Management of Club de Golf El Robledal

Strategic Plan and Feasibility Study of El Robledal Golf. Marketing Plan.  Project to define it´s Hydrological and Technical Feasibility.

Assessment in the management of Club de Golf El Robledal

Setting up of a Strategic and Exploitation Plan.

Management and exploitation of Club de Golf Retamares

Development of its Strategic and Business Plan and integral running of the golf course from 2007 onwards.

Management and exploitation of Señorío de Illescas Golf & Paddle Club

Development of its Strategic and Business Plan and integral running of the golf course from 2007 onwards.

Technical report and greenkeeping service in Valdeluz Golf (Guadalajara)

Technical report of the golf course following an incorrect maintenance plan that deteriorated the state of the golf course. Corrective measures were taken up and their corresponding action plan. Currently Making Golf offers the greenkeeping and mechanical services of the club´s machinery.

Progress Report for Club de Golf Calanova (Marbella)

Consultancy and situation report of Club de Golf de Calanova, property of bank Novo Banco with a very specific issue. The client is interested in knowing the golf course´s feasibility and future plans to take the relevant decisions.

Management of Bankia Open de Madrid Golf Tournament

Development and planning of the Bankia National Golf Tours in 2010 and 2011. Sponsorship management and VIP hospitality of the bank´s customers-Bankia Madrid Masters 2010 Madrid Open, in El Encín.

Corporate Identity Manual

Corporate Identity Manual for the Font del Llop brand.

Integrated Consultancy Service of Club de Golf La Zapateira (La Coruña)

The Club finds itself in a state of social and material deterioration. An integrated strategic plan was presented to enhance technical improvements (engineering), commercial and social actions to be undertaken in the following 5 years.

Madrid Golf Fare Marketing Plan

Marketing and Sponsorship plan-Madrid Golf Exhibition 2007. Development of sponsorship portfolio and sales. Marketing of Madrid Golf.

Marketing & Comms Plans of Madrid Golf Federation and Technical Centre

Development of the Madrid´s Golf federation Marketing and Comms plans. Developments of its trade stands in Madrid Golf 2006 & 2007, execution of the Annual Gala Dinners in 2006, 2007 & 2008, Development of the Technical Centre branding plan.

Development of Altea Golf Corporate Identity

Design and development of new web page, management of the digital corporate image (Social Media, design of newsletter) and design of office material.

Corporate Image of the Madrid Golf Course Association

Branding and corporate image development of the Madrid Golf Course Association.

Business Plan Development

Drawing the Golf Xaz (La Coruña) 10 year Business Plan, breaking down and detailing all income and expense items including the following steps. Business analysis of the current situation and its marketing optimization.